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Divorce law in Texas has the purpose of dissolving or terminating a marriage with the good of all parties in mind. Divorce, entered into without competent divorce or separation counsel, can be devastating to your life. You have legal rights and protections that must be addressed at the very time that you are the most fragile emotionally.


Child custody law in Texas refers to the custody of a minor, who has not attained 18 years of age, or who suffers certain medical or mental handicaps. Legal custody, physical custody, or visitation rights assigned by the court may be either permanent, temporary, or initial.

Child Support

Child support payment guidelines based upon custody categories and the gross income of each party. The awarding of sole, joint or split custody will affect the calculated amount due for child support.

Asset Division

The process of "equitable distribution" is applied by courts to determine what assets are "marital property" and what factors must be considered for distribution of such assets. Assets may include real and / or personal property, retirement plans, etc. that are acquired during the course of a marriage.


We can help people enforce entitlements to money or property awarded under the terms of their Family Law Judgments.





Collaboration Law


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